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Subject Description

Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing in this exciting subject! We’ll be exploring the fascinating world of energy mapping, diving into concepts such as chakras, dantiens, and portals. You’ll learn how to use these tools to gain a deeper understanding of your own energy system and that of others. But that’s just the beginning. We’ll also be teaching a range of methods and techniques for healing, including energy healing, shamanic healing, sound healing, and remote healing. Whether you’re looking to heal yourself or others, this class will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to make a real difference. So come join us and discover the power of energy healing!

Shamanic Phrases of Healing:

  1. “Journey to the spirit world”
  2. “Calling upon the ancestors”
  3. “Connecting with the spirit guides”
  4. “Clearing blockages”
  5. “Balancing energy”
  6. “Activating the life force”
  7. “Purifying the soul”
  8. “Transmuting negativity”
  9. “Invoking the healing power of nature”
  10. “Channelling divine light”
  11. “Awakening the inner healer”
  12. “Rebalancing the body, mind, and spirit”
  13. “Releasing emotional trauma”
  14. “Bringing harmony to the chakras”
  15. “Inviting peace into the heart”
  16. “Healing the past and embracing the present”
  17. “Soothing the soul”
  18. “Embracing the power of the divine”
  19. “Embracing the journey of self-discovery”
  20. “Finding inner peace”
  21. “Uncovering hidden wisdom”
  22. “Awaken the healer within”
  23. “Liberating the soul”
  24. “Transcending fear”
  25. “Empowering the self”
  26. “Transcending limiting beliefs”
  27. “Elevating consciousness”
  28. “Illuminating the path to healing”
  29. “Invoking the power of the universe”
  30. “Embracing the power of love and light.”

Witches Phrases of Healing:

  1. “Invoking the power of nature”
  2. “Harnessing the elements”
  3. “Working with herbal magic”
  4. “Casting spells for healing”
  5. “Calling upon the spirit of plants”
  6. “Working with the energies of crystals”
  7. “Invoking the power of the moon”
  8. “Channeling the power of the sun”
  9. “Using affirmations for healing”
  10. “Working with intention”
  11. “Conjuring the power of the gods and goddesses”
  12. “Casting a circle for healing”
  13. “Using aromatherapy and essential oils”
  14. “Calling forth the energy of the ancestors”
  15. “Harnessing the power of the elements”
  16. “Invoking the goddess of healing”
  17. “Practicing visualization for healing”
  18. “Using symbols and sigils for healing”
  19. “Performing a ritual for self-healing”
  20. “Calling forth the power of the divine”
  21. “Invoking the power of the universe”
  22. “Drawing upon the power of the stars”
  23. “Casting a spell for physical healing”
  24. “Using energy work for healing”
  25. “Invoking the power of the elements for healing”
  26. “Using the power of affirmations”
  27. “Performing a spell for emotional healing”
  28. “Connecting with spirit guides for healing”
  29. “Working with the energies of the earth”
  30. “Casting spells for spiritual healing.”

Healing Blog Post: 2/11/2023

Greetings, students. Today, we shall delve into the depths of a most fundamental aspect of the magickal arts – Healing. Many among you may have heard of the various techniques and incantations that can be used to heal the physical, mental and spiritual wounds of others, but I must remind you that the path of the healer begins with one’s own self.

You see, when one carries within themselves wounds that are left unhealed, they will never be able to truly help others. This is because their own negative emotions, traumas, and experiences will cloud their judgement, muddle their focus and limit their ability to channel the magickal energies required for healing.

Therefore, before one can even think of healing others, they must first tend to their own wounds. This can be a long and arduous journey, but it is a necessary one. One must be honest with themselves about the negative aspects of their life, confront their own demons and work towards resolving their internal conflicts.

In order to do this, one must cultivate self-awareness and self-reflection. One must observe their thoughts, feelings and actions, and identify patterns that may be causing harm. It is only through this understanding that one can begin to make changes and take the necessary steps to heal.

Now, I know that this may sound overwhelming, but it is important to remember that the journey of self-healing is not one that must be taken alone. There are many techniques, spells and rituals that can be used to aid in this process, and the support of friends, family and other healers can be invaluable.

Once one has successfully healed themselves, they will find that they have a newfound clarity, strength and wisdom that will allow them to more effectively help others. It is then that one can begin to delve into the more advanced aspects of healing – learning how to channel magickal energies, how to use spells and incantations, and how to work with spirits and other entities to help bring healing to those in need.

But, always remember, the foundation of all healing must be a strong and healed self. A healer must have a solid understanding of their own emotions, thoughts and experiences in order to be able to truly help others. They must be able to look at the world with a clear and compassionate lens, and be unafraid to face the challenges and obstacles that may arise on the journey to helping others heal.

So, students, heed my words. If you wish to explore the wondrous and transformative power of healing, then you must first look inward and work towards healing yourselves. Only then, can you truly become a healer, capable of bringing light and hope to those in need.