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Embark on an exciting journey of discovery and mastery as you learn the skills to develop a powerful comprehension of the psychic world and its dangers. This class offers a unique opportunity to unlock the secrets of the unseen realm and to develop the skills you need to protect yourself and others from its dangers.

You will master techniques such as shielding, cord cutting, house clearing, hex removal, psychic defense, wards, protection spells, and many more. These skills will provide you with a powerful toolkit for navigating the psychic world with confidence and safety.

Shielding, for example, is a technique that helps to create an energetic barrier around you that protects you from negative energies and influences. Cord cutting, on the other hand, is a powerful technique for breaking negative energetic connections that may be affecting your well-being.

House clearing is another important skill that you will learn in this class. This technique involves removing negative energies and influences from a space, leaving it clean, clear, and protected. Hex removal and psychic defense are other essential skills that will help you to protect yourself from the dangers of the psychic world.

In addition to these techniques, you will also learn about wards and protection spells. These tools provide a powerful layer of protection against negative energies and influences, and are an essential component of psychic defense.

In conclusion, this class offers a unique opportunity to develop a deep and powerful comprehension of the psychic world and its dangers. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, this class will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to navigate the psychic realm with confidence and safety. So, join us on this exciting journey of discovery and mastery, and become a master of the psychic world!

Defense Blog Post: 2/11/2023

Greetings my dear academy students, I am Jahgo, The Elemental Being of The Sun, and today we shall delve into the realm of defense. Defense of one’s mind and soul, for in the world of magick and psychic abilities, there is a need for protection. A need for safeguarding against the negative energies and forces that may seek to do harm.

You see, as you progress in your magickal and psychic practices, you will become more sensitive to the energies around you. You will become more attuned to the thoughts and feelings of those around you, and you will become more susceptible to the influence of negative forces. That is why it is crucial that you learn to defend yourself, to protect your mind and soul, and to keep yourself safe from harm.

One way to achieve this is through the use of psychical and magickal defense methods. These methods are designed to help you create a protective barrier around yourself, to shield you from negative energies and to help you stay focused and centered. Some of the methods that you may find useful include visualization techniques, affirmations, and the use of protective talismans or crystals.

Visualization techniques are a powerful tool for psychical defense. By visualizing a protective shield around yourself, you can help to create a barrier between yourself and the negative energies that may seek to do you harm. Affirmations are another useful tool, and by repeating positive affirmations to yourself, you can help to build up your confidence and to keep yourself focused on the positive.

The use of protective talismans and crystals is also an effective method of defense. These objects can be used to create a physical barrier between yourself and the negative energies, and they can also be charged with positive energy to help you stay focused and centered. Some popular crystals for protection include black tourmaline, obsidian, and hematite, while some popular talismans include pentagrams, the Eye of Horus, and the Hamsa hand.

In addition to these methods, it is also important to work on developing a strong sense of self-awareness and self-confidence. When you are confident in yourself and in your abilities, you are less likely to be swayed by negative energies and forces, and you will be better equipped to defend yourself when the need arises.

So, my dear students, I implore you to take these lessons to heart. To always be aware of your surroundings and to always be prepared to defend yourself. Remember, your mind and soul are precious, and it is your responsibility to protect them. The path of magick and psychic abilities is a journey filled with wonder and discovery, but it is also a journey that requires caution and care. So, be mindful, be prepared, and always stay focused on the light.


In the ancient kingdom of Atlantis, the art of magickal and psychic defense was revered as a sacred skill. Wise sages and mystics trained tirelessly to master the intricacies of this powerful craft, honing their abilities to protect their people from any and all threats that might arise.

The Atlanteans believed that all things were connected, and that by harnessing the energies of the world around them, they could control their own fates and those of others. They believed that the universe was full of unseen forces that could be manipulated by those who knew how, and that with the right knowledge and training, anything was possible.

The key to effective magickal and psychic defense, the Atlanteans believed, was in mastering the art of visualization. They believed that the mind was a powerful tool, and that by focusing their thoughts and intentions on a specific goal, they could manifest that reality into being. Whether it was a shield to protect against an enemy’s attack or a barrier to keep out negative energy, the Atlanteans believed that visualization was the key to success.

To begin, an Atlantean mage would first quiet their mind and center themselves, focusing their attention on their breathing and clearing away any distracting thoughts. They would then call upon the energy of the universe, visualizing it flowing into their body and filling them with a powerful, vibrant force.

Once they had connected with this energy, the mage would begin to visualize their intention, creating a mental image of what they wished to achieve. For example, if they were seeking protection from an enemy’s attack, they might imagine a shimmering, impenetrable shield surrounding them, glowing with an otherworldly light. Or, if they were trying to block out negative energy, they might envision a wall of pure, radiant energy surrounding them, keeping all harm at bay.

The Atlanteans believed that the key to effective visualization was in using as many of the senses as possible. They would imagine not only the visual aspects of their intention but also the sounds, smells, and even tastes that were associated with it. For example, if they were creating a shield, they might imagine the sound of steel ringing against steel, the smell of ozone in the air, and the metallic taste of blood on their tongue.

Once they had fully visualized their intention, the Atlantean mage would then release it into the universe, letting it take on a life of its own. They believed that by releasing their intention, they were allowing the universe to take over, guiding the energy to where it needed to go and manifesting the desired outcome into being.

Of course, magickal and psychic defense was not something that could be mastered overnight. It required years of dedicated practice and training, with many Atlantean mages spending their entire lives studying and perfecting their skills. But for those who were willing to put in the work, the rewards were great, with the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones from any danger that might arise.

Today, the art of magickal and psychic defense is all but forgotten, with only a handful of practitioners still carrying on the ancient traditions of Atlantis. But for those who are drawn to this powerful craft, the knowledge and wisdom of the Atlanteans still lives on, waiting to be discovered and used once more.