Snake– fear, limited resources, unaware of power, ripples through water, murky water, tree roots, wisdom x5, sneaky, doesn’t need size, power without proving oneself, massaging feet, sat atop head, the first word Celeste guidance, fierce, strong, independent, route, quick, intimidating, predator, wisdom, lack of limitation, strong, intelligent, no legs no problem, inner balance, shedding skin, rebirth, beauty, silence, intuitive, movement, feminine, letting go of fear, unapologetic, protection of boundaries



Hawk– Treetops, awareness, freedom x3, precision, geometry, quick sight, unafraid, unworried, no predators, invincible, mother bird, strength, flying, awareness, fairies, site, wind, strength, Native American, water, small animal connection



Zebra– Instinct, Fear, Seeing, Third Eye, Majestic, Stoic, Bonded, Being Prey, High-Awareness, Opposites, Polarity, Safety in Numbers, Freedom, Gallop, Movement, Third Eye, Sacrifice, Reflection

Hyena– Ego, Pillaging, Cleaning, Internal, Fearless, Rooting, Swift, Teammate, Gratitude for Scraps,

Elephant– Stomping, Releasing, Balance, Love, Society, Protetion, Peace, Grass, water, Grandfather, Strength x2, Solitude. Secret Wisdom x2, Gentle, Nurturing, Motherly, Patience, Endurance

Lion– Protection, All-Seeing, Guardian, Control, Confidence, Lazy Fierce, Pure, Sunflowers, Survival Orientation

Goat– Meadow, mountain, smart, lazy, annoyed by flies, hungry, com, simple x2, absent, secrets, basic needs, duality, playful energy, renewal, eating healthy, mindfulness, enjoying the moment, focus, chill, being, easygoing, stubbornness, peace, soft focus, ready to act, resilient, survival, driven by will, logical, trust, survival skills, tough love, patience, joy, trust, duty, curiosity

Deer– Gentle, sturdy, innocent x2, graceful x3, elegant, observant, stealthy, smart, swift, caution, love x2, caring, compassion, agility x2, vulnerability, safety and groups, no worries, just being, beautiful, smells, observance, sweet food, streams of water, predators

Panther– Poise, stealth x5, quick tuning emotions, fierce x2, independent x2, powerful x2, predator x2, arrogant x2, clever, stalking, hunting x2, site, judgment, intense, strength, smell, territorial, female embodiment


Unicorn– Majestic, Magick, Rainbow, Love, Purity, Fun, Respect

Qilin– Protection, Assistance, Bold, Quiet, Caring, Serious, Fire, Cooling

Pegasus– Regal, Pure, Gentle, Glow, Solemn, Flying, Protection, God, Stoic, Heart

Simurge– Comes & Goes, Heavenly, Dawn

Phoenix– Protective, Dark, Illuminating, Significant, Cautious

Dragon– Protector, Nurtures its own, Friendly, Benevolent, Love, Warmth, Ferocious, Devouring, Misunderstood x3