Wortcunning - Level One

It is this school’s opinion that many spiritual practitioners of this age get bogged down by intellectualization of spiritual topics. You may discover in your journeys that Spirit is well beyond the grasp of mere intellect. For this reason, we place the developmental stage of knowledge acquisition, terminology, and intellectual cultivation at Level One. We also suggest you do not linger forever at this level. Study each Module until you feel familiar, and then move to the next. Once you have completed all Modules, self-progress to Level Two, where your true training will begin.

To put it another way, this stage matters a great deal now, but will mean little later. Do not over contemplate this.

Course Title: Wortcunning Level One

Course Description:

This course provides an introductory understanding of wortcunning, focusing on the magickal and medicinal properties of herbs and plants. Participants will learn how to work with plants for healing, spiritual growth, and energetic purposes.


4 weeks

Module 1: Foundations of Wortcunning

Lesson 1: Introduction to Wortcunning
  • Topics:
    • Definition and historical background of wortcunning
    • Understanding the significance of plants in spiritual and magickal practices
    • Ethical considerations and sustainability in working with plants
Lesson 2: The Magickal Language of Plants
  • Topics:
    • Exploring plant symbolism and correspondences
    • Understanding the energetic properties of different plant parts (leaves, flowers, roots)
    • The relationship between plants and planetary, elemental, and zodiacal energies
Lesson 3: Connecting with Plant Spirits
  • Topics:
    • Techniques for connecting with the spirits of plants
    • Working with plant allies and developing a relationship with plant consciousness
    • Incorporating plant spirit communication into wortcunning practices

Module 2: Magickal and Medicinal Herbs

Lesson 1: Herbs for Healing and Well-being
  • Topics:
    • Identifying herbs for physical and emotional healing
    • Understanding the healing properties and applications of common herbs
    • Creating herbal remedies, teas, and salves for wellness
Lesson 2: Herbs for Ritual and Magick
  • Topics:
    • Identifying herbs for ritual and spellwork
    • Understanding the magickal properties and uses of specific herbs
    • Crafting herb bundles, sachets, and incenses for magickal intent
Lesson 3: Poisonous and Baneful Herbs
  • Topics:
    • Exploring the use and caution with poisonous and baneful herbs
    • Understanding their historical use and cultural significance
    • Ethical considerations and responsible handling of poisonous herbs

Module 3: Practical Applications of Wortcunning

Lesson 1: Herb Cultivation and Harvesting
  • Topics:
    • Techniques for growing and cultivating magickal and medicinal herbs
    • Timing and best practices for harvesting herbs
    • Creating a personal herb garden or sacred space
Lesson 2: Herb Crafting and Magickal Tools
  • Topics:
    • Creating magickal tools using herbs and plant materials
    • Techniques for crafting wands, besoms, and talismans with plant components
    • Empowering and consecrating herb-infused tools for specific purposes
Lesson 3: Rituals and Ceremonies with Plants
  • Topics:
    • Designing and performing rituals to honor and work with plant energies
    • Incorporating plants into seasonal celebrations and magickal ceremonies
    • Herbal divination and dreamwork for spiritual insights

Module 4: Integration and Practical Magick

Lesson 1: Herbal Spellcraft
  • Topics:
    • Techniques for creating and casting herbal spells
    • Designing spells for protection, love, prosperity, and other intentions using herbs
    • Incorporating candle magick and other components into herbal spellwork
Lesson 2: Herbal Energy Work
  • Topics:
    • Techniques for channeling and directing plant energies for healing and empowerment
    • Creating energetic connections with plants for energy work and manifestation
    • Exploring energy raising and grounding techniques using plants
Lesson 3: Creating a Personal Wortcunning Practice
  • Topics:
    • Customizing a personal wortcunning practice based on individual preferences and goals
    • Establishing a daily or seasonal herb-based routine for magickal and spiritual growth
    • Balancing intuition, tradition, and experimentation in wortcunning