Hedge Witching - Level One

It is this school’s opinion that many spiritual practitioners of this age get bogged down by intellectualization of spiritual topics. You may discover in your journeys that Spirit is well beyond the grasp of mere intellect. For this reason, we place the developmental stage of knowledge acquisition, terminology, and intellectual cultivation at Level One. We also suggest you do not linger forever at this level. Study each Module until you feel familiar, and then move to the next. Once you have completed all Modules, self-progress to Level Two, where your true training will begin.

To put it another way, this stage matters a great deal now, but will mean little later. Do not over contemplate this.

Course Title: Hedge Witching Level One

Course Description:

This course provides an introductory understanding of hedge witching, a form of practical magick that utilizes available resources for spellcraft and rituals. Participants will learn the basics of hedge witchery, connecting with nature, and using everyday items for magickal practices.


4 weeks

Module 1: Foundations of Hedge Witching

Lesson 1: Introduction to Hedge Witching
  • Topics:
    • Definition and historical background of hedge witchery
    • Understanding hedge witching as an intuitive and practical magickal approach
    • Ethical considerations and responsibilities in hedge witchcraft
Lesson 2: Working with Nature
  • Topics:
    • Establishing a connection with nature and its energies
    • Incorporating the elements and natural cycles into magickal practice
    • The role of plants, herbs, and stones in hedge witchcraft
Lesson 3: The Hedge and Spirit Work
  • Topics:
    • Understanding the concept of “the hedge” in hedge witchcraft
    • Techniques for spirit work, divination, and communication with the unseen
    • Safely navigating and honoring the spirit realm

Module 2: Magickal Tools and Everyday Resources

Lesson 1: Introduction to Magickal Tools
  • Topics:
    • Understanding the role of tools in hedge witchcraft
    • Exploring common magickal tools and their purposes
    • Creating and consecrating personal magickal tools
Lesson 2: Everyday Items for Magick
  • Topics:
    • Identifying and utilizing everyday items for magickal purposes
    • Techniques for repurposing and empowering ordinary objects
    • Incorporating creativity and resourcefulness in spellcraft
Lesson 3: The Magick of Intention and Visualization
  • Topics:
    • Harnessing intention and visualization in hedge witchcraft
    • Techniques for focusing and directing energy through the mind’s eye
    • Practical exercises for honing intention and visualization skills

Module 3: Practical Spellcraft and Rituals

Lesson 1: Spellcasting and Enchantments
  • Topics:
    • Principles and techniques of spellcasting
    • Designing and casting spells for various intentions
    • Techniques for effective enchantments and charms
Lesson 2: Rituals for Everyday Occasions
  • Topics:
    • Creating simple and meaningful rituals for daily life
    • Rituals for empowerment, protection, and manifestation
    • Designing rituals that align with personal beliefs and goals
Lesson 3: Kitchen Witchery and Potion Making
  • Topics:
    • Introduction to kitchen witchery and its practice
    • Utilizing common kitchen ingredients for magickal brews and potions
    • Techniques for creating magickal infusions and oils

Module 4: Integration and Practical Applications

Lesson 1: Ethical Considerations and Responsibility
  • Topics:
    • The importance of ethics in hedge witchcraft
    • Responsible use of magick and consideration of consequences
    • Guidelines for maintaining a balanced and harmonious practice
Lesson 2: Personal Practice and Adaptations
  • Topics:
    • Customizing hedge witchcraft for individual needs and preferences
    • Developing a daily practice routine with hedge witchery
    • Balancing spontaneity and structure in personal magickal practice
Lesson 3: Sharing Magick with the Community
  • Topics:
    • Engaging with the community and sharing magickal experiences
    • Hosting magickal gatherings, circles, and workshops
    • Opportunities to contribute to the magickal community