Dimensions - Level One

It is this school’s opinion that many spiritual practitioners of this age get bogged down by intellectualization of spiritual topics. You may discover in your journeys that Spirit is well beyond the grasp of mere intellect. For this reason, we place the developmental stage of knowledge acquisition, terminology, and intellectual cultivation at Level One. We also suggest you do not linger forever at this level. Study each Module until you feel familiar, and then move to the next. Once you have completed all Modules, self-progress to Level Two, where your true training will begin.

To put it another way, this stage matters a great deal now, but will mean little later. Do not over contemplate this.

Course Title: Dimensions Level One

Course Description:

This course offers an introductory exploration of dimensions, their existence, and the methods of traveling between them. Participants will gain foundational knowledge about dimensions and understand the basics of how to traverse them.


4 weeks

Module 1: Understanding Dimensions

Lesson 1: Introduction to Dimensions
  • Topics:
    • Defining dimensions and their theoretical foundations
    • The concept of higher dimensions and their properties
    • Historical and cultural perspectives on dimensions
Lesson 2: Types and Characteristics of Dimensions
  • Topics:
    • Differentiating between spatial, temporal, and theoretical dimensions
    • Theories about the structure and nature of dimensions
    • Understanding dimensions beyond the three spatial and one temporal dimensions
Lesson 3: Interconnectedness of Dimensions
  • Topics:
    • Theories on how dimensions are interconnected
    • Wormholes, gateways, and portals as connections between dimensions
    • Exploring the concept of a multiverse and its implications on dimensions

Module 2: Methods of Dimensional Travel

Lesson 1: Understanding Dimensional Travel
  • Topics:
    • Definition and purpose of dimensional travel
    • Various methods of traversing dimensions (e.g., astral projection, consciousness shifting)
    • Potential benefits and cautions associated with dimensional travel
Lesson 2: Astral Projection and Dimensional Shifting
  • Topics:
    • Definition and techniques for astral projection
    • Understanding consciousness shifting and its relation to dimensional travel
    • Exploring the astral plane and its significance in dimensional travel
Lesson 3: Sacred Symbols and Rituals for Dimensional Travel
  • Topics:
    • The use of symbols and rituals to facilitate dimensional travel
    • Crafting and incorporating personalized symbols and rituals
    • Ethical considerations and responsibilities while using symbols and rituals

Module 3: Techniques for Dimensional Travel

Lesson 1: Meditation and Visualization for Dimensional Travel
  • Topics:
    • Techniques for meditative preparation for dimensional travel
    • Visualization exercises to induce a state conducive to travel
    • The role of focused intent and energy in successful dimensional travel
Lesson 2: Quantum Jumping and Quantum Realities
  • Topics:
    • Understanding quantum jumping as a form of dimensional travel
    • Techniques to navigate and access different quantum realities
    • Applying quantum principles to enhance one’s dimensional travel experience
Lesson 3: Channeling and Communication Across Dimensions
  • Topics:
    • Understanding channeling as a means of communication with other dimensions
    • Techniques for safe and ethical channeling
    • Interacting with beings or energies from different dimensions responsibly

Module 4: Integration and Practical Applications

Lesson 1: Integrating Dimensional Travel into Daily Practice
  • Topics:
    • Incorporating dimensional travel into spiritual and personal growth practices
    • Strategies for maintaining balance and groundedness after dimensional travel experiences
    • Documenting and reflecting on dimensional travel experiences
Lesson 2: Healing and Growth through Dimensional Travel
  • Topics:
    • Exploring healing potential during dimensional travel
    • Using dimensional travel for personal growth and enlightenment
    • Techniques for integrating insights gained from other dimensions into daily life
Lesson 3: Responsible and Ethical Dimensional Travel
  • Topics:
    • The importance of ethics in dimensional travel
    • Respecting the sovereignty of other dimensions and beings
    • Guidelines for responsible and ethical dimensional travel practices


  • Participation and Engagement:
    • Active involvement in discussions, practical exercises, and group activities.
  • Weekly Reflections:
    • Short reflections on the weekly topics and practical exercises.
  • Final Project:
    • Create a personal dimensional travel plan, incorporating learned techniques and methods.