If you are here to attend a Live event, click the link below.

Upcoming Live Events:

Crystal Meditation & Temple – Wednesday 6-8pm 9/21

Empath Defense – Friday 6-7:30pm 9/23

Tarot Meditation & Temple – Wednesday 6-8pm 9/28

Astrology – Friday 6-7:30pm 9/30

All past Live events are uploaded the The Video Libraries!

Step 1: Join the school!

Joining and being a student is as easy as having a streaming service.

Simply sign-up to unlock the Video and Text Galleries!

You are then an official student and may explore at your leisure!

Cancel your subscription anytime and rejoin whenever you like!

The current subscription fee is reduced to 50usd/mo.

This is the “Early Bird” rate and will increase once the school has finished construction. However, Early Birds will PERMANENTLY keep their discount.

Today’s Sample Video:

Step 2: Choose Your School House

Even if you are not a student yet, feel free to take The Housing Exam to find out your house!

However, please know that your Housing Exam results are merely a suggestion, and you are recommended to select whichever house YOU wish to be in the most.

To learn more about which house best suits you, refer to The Seven School Houses Page.

If you have any questions on how to begin, or if you would like to take a graduation exam, please contact me, using the Magick Mailroom. ~Marvin Dragonclaw, Head Mage

Step 3: Study our 21 Subjects

The Final step is to study any subjects you wish. As of now, several subjects are still unavailable. The school is in the process of recording and uploading content. However, all of the basics are readily available, so we are welcoming early-bird students. All students who join during the construction of the school will retain a permanent reduced rate of 50/mo, even when the school fully releases.

Below is a list of the 21 school subjects. The House Crest on each image indicates which house rules that subject. Whichever house you are in, you are expected to know your three home subjects well. Aside from that, study as you like.


Live Events are held at

Goddess I AM 600 Goodlette-Frank Rd, Naples, FL 34102

Go to the link above or call (239) 228-6949 to attend!